Walking Alongside Prophets

The Fallen Prophets

The Fallen Prophets: From left to right – Wian Bester, Cole Grainger, Francois van der Merwe, Pieter Pieterse

by Baby Barnes

If you’re into Death Metal, a South African band that comes highly recommended on my list – arguably the best – hailing at the number one spot is The Fallen Prophets.

Founded in 2011 and officially launched in 2014, crime, horror, serial killers and “good fucking groove” is what makes this 4-piece so skull crushing and deadly. The Fallen Prophets have ‘undertaken an oath with death itself, belting out notions of malcontent, catastrophe, decay and relentless fury that together fester on the pillars of Death Metal.’

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Creating the Godform

Creating The Godform is a Brutal Downtempo Beatdown band from South Africa. The band consists of Shane Botha (Vocals), Sherlic White (Guitar), Conrad Lottering (Guitar), Thariq Taladia (Bass) & Dane Canterbury (Drums). Founded in 2016, the band continues to grow and strive to bring bone crushing heavy brutality that will leave no aspect of life on earth unchanged.

Brutal Downtempo Beatdown

Vocals: Shane Botha
Guitar: Sherlic White
Guitar: Conrad Lottering
Bass: Thariq Taladia
Drums: Dane Canterbury

Cape Town/Johannesburg , South Africa

Press Contact

Local Aid: Beastly Music for Beasts in Need

Local Aid: South Africa

Local Aid: South Africa

On the evening of the 8th of October, three of Cape Town’s heaviest metal bands, spearheaded by DevilSpeak, descended on Stellenbosch for a cause that might surprise the public at large: gathering funds for animals in need.

Forming part of a worldwide charity event by numerous artists all around the globe, and benefiting numerous local charities, concerts for this project took place all over the world this past weekend. This leg of the event raised funds for The Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch, who take care of the community’s unwanted, mistreated and neglected pets. Continue reading “Local Aid: Beastly Music for Beasts in Need” »

Valkyrie Tattoos reopens with a brand, spanking new venue

Valkyrie Tattoos

After a brief hiatus from the scene, Wrath Inc. affiliate Valkyrie Tattoos have reopened at their brand new venue, situated at 159 Main Road, Somerset Wes. Operated and owned by Wian Jacobs and Rowan Eva, they are your definitive inking solution for any of the following:

Custom designs
Source designs
Client designs (with professional advice)
Cover ups (if possible)

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logo textura max res

Tiarra style is mainly Gothic-Symphonic Metal with several elements of Death, Doom, Darkwave, Progessive as well as Modern Metal.

Tiarra has played many indoor and outdoor concerts in Bucharest and in other cities, either as headline or as opening act for top bands (H.I.M., Therion, Paradise Lost, Lake Of Tears, Diary Of Dreams, Theatre Des Vampires, Galadriel and most known local names). It has also been present on the scenes of many festivals in Romania, but also in Austria and Bulgaria (Artmania, Metalhead Meeting, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Kavarna, OST, Bucharest Days in Vienna, Top T, White River Fest, Celtic Transilvania Festival, Rock on 2 Wheels Open Air Festival etc.).

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Seven Hills

Seven Hills

Seven Hills is a metalcore/groove metal based in Iasi, Romania, started in October 2015, with Dragoș on vocals, Marin and Ciprian on guitars, Catalin on bass and Timo on drums. At the moment, the band is working on their debut EP, while the 22nd of February, 2016 marked the day they released their first single/demo entitled „Tragedy” via Youtube and Bandcamp. The debut on stage came on the 27th of February, the band opening Bucovina’s album release concert for “Nestrămutat”, during the Day 2 of Rock’N’Iași Winter Edition 2016 Festival.

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Nephilim was formed after previous failed attempts in various other bands, which disbanded due to the boundaries encountered with other band members, either unable to find the right vocalist or a completely reliable drummer etc. The idea was to be able to write with full creative freedom, and not be restricted to play anything other than we envisioned. Pure Unrestricted South African Death Metal.

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Whoreborn is a new Brutal Deathcore band situated in South Africa consisting of Greg Barkhuizen (Cretaceous Scorn) & Waldo Oosthuizen on guitar, Cerrin hendricks on Bass guitar, Shaun Botha (Therapist) on Drums and Dane Herbst (Trapped In Reality) on vocals.

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Nebula Disrupt

Nebula Disrupt

Nebula Disrupt is a black-metal band with fast-paced heavy riffs, solo’s, sweeps, gravity blasting and vocals with well timed screams.

In 2015 the band played at Witchfest ’15 in JHB alongside international bands such as Belphegor, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septic Flesh, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse (to name a few) and some of the biggest in the South African metal scene. This was followed by a decent collection of local Cape Town gigs, the most memorable of which was the second chance to perform for Metal4Africa at Winterfest. The last few months have been a writing period for the band which promises to bring a range of new and more intense material, also grinding towards a full length album towards the last half of 2016.

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