Berserkers is a Thrash/Death metal band formed in 2012 by vocalist and bassist Miti and lead guitarist Vlad in Bucharest Romania. The band attending local shows during the early years, then after exchanging their initial drummer with Iulian Hotinceanu released their debut album ”World War III” in 2015. Soon after, they swapped their original rhythm guitar player swapped for Mihai Robert. Following the album release, Berserkers gained a wider international fan base extensive concert tours. With more than 5 different countries to play in 2016 this band is a ”must see” for Thrashers and Metalheads alike.

Members : Miti Berserker – Vocals/Bass

                  Vlad Nedelcu – Lead Guitar

                  Mihai Robert – Rhythm Guitar

                  Iulian Hotinceanu – Drums