The Fallen Prophets

The Fallen Prophets

The Fallen Prophets is a 4-Piece Brutal Death Metal Band that was founded in 2011 and joined the local Metal scene early 2014.

They bring a mix of shredding groovy guitars, potent and powerful vocals and fast paced enduring death metal drumming.

Over the past few years, The Fallen Prophet members have gone through a lot of pain and struggle which they bring into their music. The raw hatred and anger can be felt when they dominate the stage and they are not ready to back down!

“It really does get brutal, but in the most beautiful way. The mixture of melodic and hardcore really makes for an amazing eargasm.”

Having released their first full length album titled “Slaughtered at The Altar” in March 2016, The Fallen Prophets obliterated in their supportive role to Greek heavyweights, Rotting Christ in July and are currently in the studio, working on their upcoming EP.


The Fallen Prophets have surely undertaken an oath with death itself, belting out notions of malcontent, catastrophe, decay and relentless fury that together fester on the pillars of Death Metal. The members maintain that Death Metal is a way of life and the culmination of instruments and lyrics behind their aggressive style of death metal floods their persona’s with bleeding emotions that the crowd can relate to. While the historical musical interests of each member are unique, at some point along the track this Death Metal train bellowed its calling, beckoning an alliance between like-minded musicians. Musical influences include Bloodbath, Blood Red Throne, Cannibal Corpse, Dyscarnate, Hypocrisy, Nile and Vader.

The Fallen Prophets cover themselves in fake blood with pre chosen “blotches” unique to each member, getting them into character before the show. The blood signifies the brutality of the world and its enemies that they challenge through their rebellious and aggressive music.

Their story of development is quite heart-warming and simple really! The necessary skills of vocals and guitar playing were not always equally shared in the band as seen today, lacking skills were exchanged for one another, ultimately producing two guitarists who also perform vocals. In addition the member changes they have experienced in the sort period of time would be most discouraging for most bands but still they persisted into bringing out a full length album that is now battering on the eardrums of listeners around the world.

The guitars and bass sounds are written to find a balance between an attacking and melodic sound that when repeated, comes with a technical twist, shocking or tricking the listener. The drumming is intricately linked with these melodies through skank beats, double bass grooves and toms fills all aimed at reinforcing the overall sound. The main vocals consist of slow to medium paced guttural growling and is often complimented by the backup vocals belting out a seemingly undying scream Each song is written in context to an envisioned pre-perceived crowd reaction and forms the golden recipe behind the overall song writing.

In their own experience they believe that Death Metal is best enjoyed whilst head banging, and for many is an ethereal and enlightening experience that aids in mustering the strength to face life’s challenges. When the music stops there is uproar for more to keep that uplifting feeling surging through your veins. The Fallen Prophets hope to achieve this by exposing the depth and devotion behind their music that can be easily felt by the fans and spectators, building a perspective and appreciation for their music.

With their album completed The Fallen Prophets have started writing new material for an upcoming EP while outreach efforts are being made on social media via band practise play throughs and music videos, band photos and live interviews. The Fallen Prophets are constantly seeking innovative ideas to increase the quality of their shows and ultimately build a solid fan base. Plans for touring locally are still in their infancy but definitely in the pipeline!
“The feeling I walked away with after hearing the album is that of triumph over adversity.

Basically a giant zap sign to those who think otherwise.”
Quotes -Draconem Media


Posted by The Fallen Prophets on Thursday, December 17, 2015