Imperial Destruction “Ruinous” Album Release Interview

Imperial Destruction

by Cornelius Potgieter

With their debut album release looming, I decided to catch up with the guys from Imperial Destruction to pick their brains a little bit, and see what their new album will have to offer South Africa and the World:

1. You’ve been holding on on releasing your new album for quite some time now. Could you elaborate a bit on why that is?

Joshua: We’ve been holding onto it since August last year and we’ve been itching to release it and share the music. But instead of throwing it out there ASAP, we decided to give ourselves time to create the appropriate anticipation and media that is expected of an album launch. It just so happens that our wait has paid off double, as we get to launch Ruinous at M4A Summerfest ’16. In short, it was just finding the right gig and/time.

Jason: Well, we can’t say it’s because we wanted this album to be perfect, because it is far from it. We understand that we need to let our “babies” (tracks) go in order to start expanding our musical creativity. When we started the band we wanted to hit the stage immediately. It’s what drove us to keep on going. After spreading our name over a very limited amount of people, we decided that it was more important to have a great live experience instead of throwing out an expensive over effected disc and not being able to walk the talk on stage. Eventually after gaining amazing experiences and meeting so many awesome people, we were able to spread, not only our music, but other bands alike. All while taking our “Metal Storm” to new locations. Hosting a couple of our “Nights of Destruction” and now “Geraasplaas”, we gained enough support from the masses to sit back and know that we won’t be forgotten as we venture into our new journey to record “Ruinous”.

2. What could fans expect from your upcoming release?

Joshua: It’s a fuckin dirty, raw and old school sounding album. And it sounds like a fucking truck made of sledgehammers… If you like melodic death metal, there’ll be a song or two for you on the album. It’s diverse.

Jason: Fans can expect our live sound in the tracks. We tried to carry over the same power we tried project on stage. With our music being inspired by Mythology and Ancient Gods, our supporters may be in for a surprise to realize how deep the music and lyrics can take you.

3. With band members spread quite far and wide, how have you guys managed to rehearse and get together?

Joshua: All the songs are written in music and tab. We actually didn’t manage to have a full band rehearsal in 2015. So the tabs have saved us because everyone can practice at home and at the same time, know exactly what they’re playing. Once we’re all on stage together, there’s no question or doubt about what’s going down because we already know all the material extensively.

Jason: To be honest it’s been tough for all of us. While people may expect us to be practicing every weekend, we don’t. We just can’t find the time to get together, and usually when we do we catch up with each other, because it’s been too long. We are however always writing new material and try our best to practice in pieces or alone as often as possible.

4. How did you come to be associated with Wrath Inc.?

Jason: Wrath Inc. was under the fog for quite a while. Our good friend and supporter started Wrath Inc. when he moved overseas. I guess he saw something in SA’s brotherhood that he just couldn’t leave behind and wanted to still be able to support bands and the metal community from afar. To be able to give us a chance we never had or might have. To take SA Metal to the next level.

5. Are there any other significant events awaiting Imperial Destruction fans in 2016?

Wian: Imperial has always been about expanding. Not only do we try to be diverse in our music, but we are also keen to venture into the unknown with it. We’ve managed to spark some interest with our Night of destruction events that has taken place in areas like Helderberg, Riversdale and currently working on a gig in Wellington, just to bring a dosage of metal to those poor souls stuck in the smaller towns. We all grew up in the Helderberg originally and driving to Cape Town every weekend wasn’t always an option. We’re planning a cross country tour of destruction soon!

After a new, fresh line up, Imperial will be ready to record their second album this coming winter. We don’t want to over promise and under deliver by this new album is going I be heavier, more refined and matured. Ruinous was a great stepping stone for musical growth, but we won’t just limit ourselves there.

6. Any final words to the fans?

Joshua: Collaborate and make it happen. If there’s something missing from your scene, build a team and make it happen. You get what you give. Support your fellow musicians and scene as a collective entity. Things will grow faster than you can imagine.
But most importantly… don’t be a poes, BE LEKKER.

Jason : If it wasn’t for all of you out there, who came to our shows, or even supported us on social media, we would not have been where we are today. Thank you! Keep those horns high!

Episode 3, Behind the scenes of Imperial Destruction’s debut album “Ruinous” to be released on the 30th of January 2016. Recorded and Produced by Craig Vee: