Writhe Creations Interview

Writhe Creations

By Cornelius Potgieter

As the mastermind behind Writhe Creations, Jason Modryc is the man responsible for all the Wrath Inc. artwork and signage.

1. What first attracted you to the world of art?

Growing up, I had terrible nightmares that soon followed me into my waking hours.  I began to see beauty in darkness, becoming thrilled by and attracted to dark figures, mythology, demons, etc. I eventually found ways to literally face my own demons. By sketching what I have seen through my perception of the world, I could remember and reflect on it. Soon I became even more creative and inspired, with an urge to personify darkness. My “talent”, if you will, was to see something that others did not and I wanted to share my views and creations.

2. Which artist(s) influenced your artistic vision during your earlier years?

There were too many influences and artists I looked up to, but if my memory serves me correctly,I was influenced, and fell in love with the works of HR Giger, Mark Riddick, Dinotomic, Rafael Tavares, Toshihiro Egawa, Modblackmoon and many many more. All of which have an incredible amount of detail and a “vigorous lure” in their artwork.

3. Have any of them been inspirations for your current work?

They have most definitely been inspirations to my current work. Mainly Mark Riddick, who’s work you’ll see everywhere around the globe. Nearly every second metal shirt is his work. He is a true giant in the metal artwork community.

4. Are you involved with any projects besides Writhe Creations?

Besides Writhe Creations, I try to work on more commercial designs (Business Logos, Posters, etc) as often as possible, in order to diversify my work and take a breather. Sometimes, a challenge is good.

5. What is your favourite medium/software to work with?

What is your favourite medium/software to work with?My absolute favourite medium to work with would be pencil / marker on rough paper, however since entering the digital world of art, I have lost touch with my origins. I try my best to sketch something out first, then scan the artwork and go from there. I mainly use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, both  of which are very useful in their own ways.

6. What can we expect to see from you for the rest of 2016?

Unfortunately there are a few projects that I may not share with you. You can expect one of them to appear very soon and I am very excited to see what 2016 holds for me. There are international band’s artwork on hold which I am very excited to release to the public. So far I have worked with a lot of local bands and friends, which has been an honour and a ever-growing experience for me. I don’t think I will ever reach a point on my journey, where I would have reached my utmost peak of creativity. There will always be room for improvement.

7. Any last words?

Lastly, I would like to thank the bands, businesses and people that have supported me over the past few years. My friends, family and partner, who understood that the endless hours spent were for a good cause. A cause to help grow the metal community and provide a needed service to musicians and organizations.

Wrath Inc. Design by Writhe Creations

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