DevilSpeak is a 5 piece Death/Thrash Metal band based in Cape Town, South Africa.
DevilSpeak members are Azaliyah Bester on Ryhthm Guitar, De Wet Loots on Lead Guitar, Jarred Williams on Vocals, Francois Meyer on Drums and Derrick Leppan on Bass Guitar.
DevilSpeak was formed in August 2014 when Francois auditioned on drums at a practice session with the other four members and everyone immediately recognised that the musical chemistry between them was very real and special. The next day the name of DevilSpeak was chosen and so the band began.
The name DevilSpeak is a play on words of the Devil’s Peak mountain in Cape Town. It’s a way to say that they are from Cape Town and they are a metal band.
DevilSpeak recorded their debut single, Violently Leading The Blind, on 18 and 19 April 2015 at Milestone Studios with Jethro Harris engineering. All instruments were miced up for the recording as the aim here was to capture the live feeling of the band, as well as their actual sound, and this aim was very much realised.
Violently Leading The Blind was released on 1 September 2015 and very soon started getting radio play worldwide, initially in the UK and soon spreading to the USA, Panama, France, and other parts of the world.
DevilSpeak is currently affiliated with Wrath Inc. who are based in South Africa & Europe, as well as with Holler Productions who are based in the USA.
DevilSpeak had their live debut on 20 Mar 2015, having spent 7 months honing a 6 song set into as formidable shape as possible.  Since then DevilSpeak has played a total of 29 shows in and around the Cape Town area.
Notable shows that DevilSpeak have played include being invited to play at Metal4Africa‘s Winterfest’15 in August 2015, opening for NervoChaos from Brazil on their South African tour they did with Boargazm in February 2016, supporting Vulvodynia on their tour of Cape Town in April 2016 and opening the Rotting Christ show in Cape Town in July 2016.
DevilSpeak will be supporting Italy’s Pulvis Et Umbra at their show in Cape Town on 8 Dec 2016.
DevilSpeak is busy recording a 3 track EP currently, once again returning to Milestone Studios with Jethro Harris engineering.

Jarred Williams – Vocals
De Wet Loots – Lead Guitar
Azaliyah Bester – Rhythm Guitar
Francois Meyer – Drums
Derrick Leppan – Bass