Nebula Disrupt

Nebula Disrupt

Nebula Disrupt is a black-metal band with fast-paced heavy riffs, solo’s, sweeps, gravity blasting and vocals with well timed screams.

In 2015 the band played at Witchfest ’15 in JHB alongside international bands such as Belphegor, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septic Flesh, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse (to name a few) and some of the biggest in the South African metal scene. This was followed by a decent collection of local Cape Town gigs, the most memorable of which was the second chance to perform for Metal4Africa at Winterfest. The last few months have been a writing period for the band which promises to bring a range of new and more intense material, also grinding towards a full length album towards the last half of 2016.

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Geraasplaas: A Night of Destruction – Behind the Scenes interview


By Cornelius Potgieter

With Imperial Destruction’s next Night of Destruction looming nearby, I chatted with the main man behind the scenes, Wian Bester, in order to find out more about this new, exciting concept that is fast gaining support in the local metal scene. Check out what he had to say below:

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Negative CORE Project

Negative CORE Project!

Going under the name “TARANTULA” the band has been through many changes of both style and members, from Old School Thrash to Groove/Death Metal, since 2008 up ‘till now.

Our first album “Spread the disease” is out since the fall of 2012 and it was released just after our first official video for “Psalm of Mockery”. We toured with both “Eufobia” (BG) and “Soul Sacrifice” (TUR) for the release of the album. The first half of the LP, “Old Shit” as we called it, contains tracks composed by former band members that the new crew re-orchestrated, boosting both groove as well as speed riffs. “New Shit” with songs like “Unholy” or “Never Enough” uppers the darkness of our themes, giving away more of what is to be expected from the band in the near future. The whole album is in fact a tribute to what we formally played as well as a transformation of the band’s core style.

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Nerve Zero


Nerve Zero’s biography is too complex to comprehend. They have had more line-up changes than a dog has fleas. Basically Nerve Zero are all seasoned (salted & spiced) musicians that just wanna party and produce mean aggressive and refined Metal. No frills, plenty of spills! If you have the “nerve” then give Nerve Zero a listen.

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Riddlebreak is an alternative/progressive metal band based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Stylistically, their music meshes hook-laden choruses with progressive, punk and metal elements. Drawing inspiration both from 90s alternative and contemporary artists alike, Riddlebreak has taken on the somewhat audacious task of creating their own genre by way of a alternative/metal hybrid.

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February News Update and Welcome

Wrath Inc. Logo
Greetings and Salutations in the name of all that is metal!

Welcome to the Wrath Inc Family!


Ø BOKGOT (South Africa)
Ø DEVILSPEAK (South Africa)
Ø LADYAXE (South Africa)
Ø MIND ASSAULT (South Africa)
Ø THE OVERMIND (South Africa)

To kick things off in style, we are taking South African metal legends Mind Assault to Romania to play at the Rockstad Extreme Metal Fest 2016 in the forests of Transylvania. This is the beginning of “METAL EXCHANGE”, our talent exchange project between Romania and South Africa.

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Valkyrie Tattoos

Valkyrie Tattoos

Well established tattoo studio in Somerset West. Clean and 100% sterile.

We have 2 full-time professional tattoo artists, Wian Jacobs and Rowan Eva, with a combined tattooing experience of 14 years. Our work covers most styles of tattooing, specializing in any black & grey work, horror & heavy metal style designs.

  • Custom designs
  • Cover/fix ups (where possible)
  • Client designs (with professional advice)
  • Sourced designs

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