Berserkers Interview


by Cornelius Potgieter

With Berserkers being the first European act to be signed to the Wrath Inc. “roster”, I decided to have a word with frontman Alexandru Vernescu in order to better to introduce them to our followers here on African shores. Check out what he had to say below:

1. How did Berserkers come to be?

Berserkers came to life as a project by vocalist and bassist Miti and lead guitarist Vlad, born from the passion of creating our own music. We affiliated the young fresh hatred with a spark of madness, and the verb for it was Berserk, so we became Berserkers, after some experience with past members, our current formula is the recipe for guns blazing full on Thrash.

2. Describe your style to our readers who might not be familiar with it.

It’s fast and it’s deadly. You’ve got a Thrash Metal basis with a bit of Death Metal here and there to balance the things, and from there you just get our destructive perspective on music. Every song takes you on to the next one, and just keeps making you bang that head ’till it’s over.

3. Which bands have significantly influenced you during your formative years?

Sodom, Exodus, Kreator and Metallica were huge for us in the beginning. Naturally we started listening to more underground stuff after, but that was let’s say the ”starter kit”.

4. Do you have any performances that you remember as particularly memorable?

All performances are special and each has it’s unique things from the venue to the energy of different audiences, but gigs like our album release, or blasting festivals sure stand out from the rest, it’s the amount of people gathering that makes it more and more special, and the more maniacs that go crazy, THE BETTER!

5. What does 2016 hold for Berserkers?

Well, we started out in 2012, had our first gig in 2013 and the madness is just building up. We have bigger concerts now, getting some of that international love got us playing in 4 different countries later this year , we got Rockstadt Extreme Fest which is for sure the biggest metal festival in Romania , and besides all that we still got a ton of local shows, and a new album coming up hopefully this autumn so we would say 2016 holds great opportunities and a lot of Thrash for Berserkers and our fans/friends and brothers!

6. Any final words?

Well, first thanks for the interview and would like to mention our gratitude being part of the Wrath Inc. family. Stay tuned for the new stuff coming up and THRASH ON ! \m/