The Fallen Prophets “Slaughtered at the Altar” Album Release Interview

The Fallen Prophet's Album LAuch

by Cornelius Potgieter & Samantha Nandi Jack

With the launch of their debut album looming (5th of March, ROAR, Cape Town), we at Wrath Inc. decided to have a word with The Fallen Prophets to see what they had to say about this exciting new development:

1. For readers who might be unfamiliar with you guys, please give us a short introduction to The Fallen Prophets.

The Fallen Prophets is a 4-Piece Brutal Death Metal Band from Cape Town, South Africa. They bring a mix of shredding groovy guitars, potent and powerful vocals and fast paced enduring death metal drumming.

2. How long has this album been in the pipeline for?

The album has been in the pipeline for about almost a year or so.

3. Are there any acts who have significantly influenced your style, musically or otherwise?

Bloodbath and Hypocrisy definitely had a big influence on our style.

4. With your debut album being launched, are you planning any tours this year to promote it?

We’re planning a tour for Port Elizabeth, Durban, and Johannesburg around November.

5. As a band that is now making waves, we hope to hear a lot more from you guys in the future. What else can we expect from you this year?

BLOOD! An E.P, some music videos, and epic gigs.

6. Any final words to your fans?

The album will be available from the 5th of March, keep an eye on our page for when it’ll be available on Bandcamp, for all those who can’t make the album launch! Thanks for all the support, means a lot to each and everyone involved. Hope you can all get an album. Keep it brutal!

Check out their latest track “Covered in Blood, Guts & Gore” below.