Negative CORE Project

Negative CORE Project!

Going under the name “TARANTULA” the band has been through many changes of both style and members, from Old School Thrash to Groove/Death Metal, since 2008 up ‘till now.

Our first album “Spread the disease” is out since the fall of 2012 and it was released just after our first official video for “Psalm of Mockery”. We toured with both “Eufobia” (BG) and “Soul Sacrifice” (TUR) for the release of the album. The first half of the LP, “Old Shit” as we called it, contains tracks composed by former band members that the new crew re-orchestrated, boosting both groove as well as speed riffs. “New Shit” with songs like “Unholy” or “Never Enough” uppers the darkness of our themes, giving away more of what is to be expected from the band in the near future. The whole album is in fact a tribute to what we formally played as well as a transformation of the band’s core style.


Ruse and Sofia are two of the Bulgarian locations the band played in 2011-2012, getting positive feedback from the audience as well as the local media, with the promise to come back.

Mars 2013 gave us the opportunity to travel along and tour with “Contradiction” (GER) in Bucharest-Sibiu-Timisoara-Craiova and spread more of our “disease” in towns across the country; June brought us closer to towns we previously toured a year before, Bacau and Iasi, but this time with our friends form “Drop out of Life” (Bucharest -RO) and “Innergrave” (Iasi – RO).

Based on the quality of the shows and the growing interest of the local audience, the band is selected and passes to semi-finals in the “Wacken Open Air Metal Battle”, in Bucharest – April 12, 2013, sharing the stage with some of the most popular local bands.

With openings for “Napalm Death” (Bucharest – September 2011 – Wings Club) or “Brujeria” (Bucharest -December 2012 – Silver Church) the band gains more confidence as feedback hits a lot of positive points, allowing the opening for “Veil of Maya” in Fabrica Club, in July 2013 and a slot for one of the biggest festivals near Bucharest, B’est Fest Summer Camp.

March 2015 comes with the departure of Gabi DIMA and a new drummer taking his place, Nunu RACRIS, a very appreciated and talented musician.

Always present and always trying to create better shows and music, Negative CORE Project has released it’s second album on the 25th of April, 2015 – “Silence is Betrayal”, an 8 track LP. The first video supporting the material, “Save The Fucking Puppies” is out since January 2015.