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Tiarra style is mainly Gothic-Symphonic Metal with several elements of Death, Doom, Darkwave, Progessive as well as Modern Metal.

Tiarra has played many indoor and outdoor concerts in Bucharest and in other cities, either as headline or as opening act for top bands (H.I.M., Therion, Paradise Lost, Lake Of Tears, Diary Of Dreams, Theatre Des Vampires, Galadriel and most known local names). It has also been present on the scenes of many festivals in Romania, but also in Austria and Bulgaria (Artmania, Metalhead Meeting, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Kavarna, OST, Bucharest Days in Vienna, Top T, White River Fest, Celtic Transilvania Festival, Rock on 2 Wheels Open Air Festival etc.).

Gothic Metal genre underlies Tiarra’ s style which combines metal instruments with classical instruments. Heavy guitar riffs vs the poignant and warm sound of the cello, violin and the sound of keyboards can create subtle contrasts and connections. Contradictory states, resonant or vigorous moments, melancholy, all obviously incorporated into doom, dark, progressive and symphonic influences, are entwined in the band compositions. The message is usually a tough one, not by the language used but rather by states it describes or induces. Aggressivity is given by the intensity of emotions, not by words that can be sharp, but often empty. Lyrics the liaison between the music and those willing to listen to it, because people always need a story, they need to be surprised and immersed into an entirely new world, be it real or imaginary. Often we find ourselves in the real world because we are alike when it comes to feelings and we can run easily into the imaginary, where we can create new stories, secrets and emotions in order to share with others. Music is definitely a gateway between these two worlds.

Sevent instruments, seven people who fill the stage, keyboardist John, Anda on vocals, Tudor on guitars, Adi on bass guitars, Iulia and Corina on cello and violin and Cristi on drums are awaiting you to be a part of their world!