Valkyrie Tattoos reopens with a brand, spanking new venue

Valkyrie Tattoos

After a brief hiatus from the scene, Wrath Inc. affiliate Valkyrie Tattoos have reopened at their brand new venue, situated at 159 Main Road, Somerset Wes. Operated and owned by Wian Jacobs and Rowan Eva, they are your definitive inking solution for any of the following:

Custom designs
Source designs
Client designs (with professional advice)
Cover ups (if possible)

With influences ranging from Tim Burton to H.R. Giger, over 12 years of combined experience in the local tattooing scene, you can be sure to expect the best that the industry has to offer. The studio is fully health and safety compliant, and cuts no corners when it comes to deliver the best possible experience to newcomers and previously inked individuals.

Contact either Rowan (+27721576782) or Wian (+27795055175 ) for any further enquiries.

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