Valkyrie Tattoos reopens with a brand, spanking new venue

Valkyrie Tattoos

After a brief hiatus from the scene, Wrath Inc. affiliate Valkyrie Tattoos have reopened at their brand new venue, situated at 159 Main Road, Somerset Wes. Operated and owned by Wian Jacobs and Rowan Eva, they are your definitive inking solution for any of the following:

Custom designs
Source designs
Client designs (with professional advice)
Cover ups (if possible)

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Valkyrie Tattoos

Valkyrie Tattoos

Well established tattoo studio in Somerset West. Clean and 100% sterile.

We have 2 full-time professional tattoo artists, Wian Jacobs and Rowan Eva, with a combined tattooing experience of 14 years. Our work covers most styles of tattooing, specializing in any black & grey work, horror & heavy metal style designs.

  • Custom designs
  • Cover/fix ups (where possible)
  • Client designs (with professional advice)
  • Sourced designs

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Writhe Creations Interview

Writhe Creations

By Cornelius Potgieter

As the mastermind behind Writhe Creations, Jason Modryc is the man responsible for all the Wrath Inc. artwork and signage.

1. What first attracted you to the world of art?

Growing up, I had terrible nightmares that soon followed me into my waking hours.  I began to see beauty in darkness, becoming thrilled by and attracted to dark figures, mythology, demons, etc. I eventually found ways to literally face my own demons. By sketching what I have seen through my perception of the world, I could remember and reflect on it. Soon I became even more creative and inspired, with an urge to personify darkness. My “talent”, if you will, was to see something that others did not and I wanted to share my views and creations.

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